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Regardless of whether it’s your private home or your commercial business, you want to safeguard your investment. And one of the best ways to protect outdoor structures and equipment is with polyurethane and polyurea coatings from Intermountain Coatings of northern Utah. Our spray-on coatings help defend against harsh weather, chemicals and more, extending the life of your buildings and machinery.

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Best Polyurea Coatings in Utah

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Commercial Coatings

A substantial part of our business at Intermountain Coatings is applying polyurea coatings to light commercial equipment and structures, including floors, and more. Lower your annual maintenance costs by coating surfaces exposed to the elements with a heavy-duty protectant. You will attract and keep more customers when you keep your buildings, sidewalks and parking garages in tip-top condition.

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Industrial coatings

Whether the job calls for a polyurethane or polyurea coating, our spray-on technique protects heavy industrial equipment such as pipelines, holding tanks, fuel storage tanks, wastewater treatment facilities, buildings and other structures. Corrosion from water or chemicals is no match for our polyurea coatings.

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Residential Coatings

Residents of Salt Lake City and the surrounding area rely on Industrial Coatings to protect their most important structures, including decks, garages, patios, driveways, and walkways. Our waterproof deck coatings mean your deck coating, garages, concrete patios, concrete walkways will last many years longer than unprotected surfaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An industrial coating is a type of paint that is used as a covering for various surfaces such as steel, concrete, or other industrial materials that are typically subject to some sort of erosive force such as weather or water erosion. Industrial coatings are caked on to provide both an aesthetic and protective layer to the surface. Polyurethane and polyurea coatings are both examples of industrial coatings.
A polyurethane coating, like other industrial coatings, is applied to a surface for the purpose of protecting it and adding the desired aesthetic effect that whoever is using it is going for. Polyurethane coatings protect the surface they're applied to from various potential defects like corrosion, weather and water erosion, and other processes that could lead to the deterioration of the surface.
Although there are some claims that polyurethane coating can be dangerous, the simple answer to this question is that polyurethane coating is completely inert and harmless to humans. There are various studies that certify that polyurethane coatings do not pose any kind of health risk to those who are exposed to them.
There are many factors at play when it comes to how long a polyurethane coating will last. Depending on the type of finish that you decide to use as well as the wear and tear that it is put through, polyurethane coating usually lasts anywhere between three and six years in most cases. If you notice that your floors are damaged, however, it could be the right time to reapply a fresh coat of polyurethane coating.
Polyurea coating offers a number of benefits that epoxy doesn't provide. For starters, polyurea is an elastomer meaning that not only is it much more durable than epoxy, it is also much stronger and more flexible as well. Not only that but polyurea is also chemical-resistant, lasts nearly 3 times as long, and is UV resistant so it won't yellow in the sun.
When it comes to maximizing your floor's potential there is no option that offers more benefits than polyurea coating. Polyurea is extremely flexible and durable and protects a variety of surfaces from abrasion and corrosion damage. Wood, concrete, and steel surfaces are just a few examples of flooring that polyurea coating can protect from a plethora of possible damages. It can help. both commercial and industrial flooring become resistant to scratches, chemicals, oils, and other deteriorating factors.

Whether it's your private home or a commercial business, Intermountain Coatings has polyurethane and polyurea coatings to keep your floors protected and maximize their potential. If you have any unanswered questions about polyurethane or polyurea coatings or you'd like to learn more about how our coating services can help you, contact us today and our knowledgeable team will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about your flooring today!
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Industrial sprayed-on elastomeric polyurethane, polyurea and hybrid solutions are 100% solids, VOC free and designed for reducing secondary containment maintenance costs and maximize.

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