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Intermountain Coatings specializes in Polyurea and Polyurethane systems. We have a two-component, rapid curing, elastomeric pure polyurea lining system. Our material/chemicals are a 1:1 ratio chemical designed to be sprayed with high-pressure plural component spray equipment. The thickness of the lining will vary depending on the application, typically from a minimum of 30 mils up to unlimited thickness.

• Excellent industrial lining for tough application spray conditions such as:
- Outdoor application sites where water, humidity or low-temperature conditions exist and are tough to eliminate
- Floor and wall protection in industries such as food
processing, food storage, veterinary, production area, and laboratories
- Secondary containment as a monolithic, impermeable lining for industrial plant, agriculture, and petrochemical applications

• Robust application window with the ability to spray at low temperatures and high humidity
• High physical properties including tensile, tear, and elongation properties
• Excellent waterproofer
• Excellent leveling properties
• Excellent abrasion and impact resistance
• Excellent chemical resistance and corrosion resistance
• Reduces noise from vibration and impact
• Bonds to virtually all substrates of any dimension, including metals, woods, concrete, fiberglass, and geotextiles
• Stable from -40° to 230° F (-40° to 110° C)
• 100% solids, zero VOCs, no solvents

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