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Living in northern Utah means your home is exposed to the harshest weather year-round: blistering sun, heavy snow and periods of rain, hail and sleet. Keeping up with maintenance on your home and other structures on your property can get time-consuming and expensive. That’s why Intermountain Coatings offers residential coating services to residents of Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas.
Concrete Restoration

Residential Roof Coatings

While we may not get a lot of rain in Salt Lake City, we do get a lot of snow, and that snow can sit on top of your roof for weeks. The weight and the constant presence of moisture do not do your roof any favors. Wind, rain and snow all combine to rot and weaken your roof prematurely. Water leaks that penetrate your home can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

A residential roof coating protects your roof from the elements and provides a watertight seal. Polyurea coatings dry on surfaces almost instantly, providing superior and immediate protection. Shingles will not blow away, and hail will not penetrate or even dent your roof’s new surface.


Waterproof Deck Coatings

A deck made out of real wood has a beauty and charm engineered wood doesn’t have. But it lasts only about a third as long, due to its naturally vulnerable properties. A waterproof deck coating goes on clear and provides a tough, durable, long-lasting finish. You will no longer have to painstakingly clean your deck with a brush or power washer, or spend the weekend painting on a new layer of finish. With our deck waterproofing, it’s one and done.

You can choose to get your other outdoor wooden structures protected with polyurethane or polyurea coatings as well, such as pergolas, pavilions, arbors, sheds, gazebos and more.

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Residential Concrete Coatings

Salt Lake City, Utah, residents choose to get concrete coatings for a number of different types of outdoor structures. These include walkways, sidewalks, driveways, patios, pool surrounds, retaining walls, firepits and water features.

Residential concrete coatings protect against cracking, chipping and discoloration from the elements in rain and the chemicals or bacteria in city-supplied water.

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Floor Coating
Residential Garage

Garage Floor Coatings

While garage floors are not exposed to the elements, they are exposed to the weight of vehicles, plus the indignity of caustic substances such as gas, oil and other fluids leaking onto its surface. If you have tried to remove these stains, you know how difficult it can be. 

Salt Lake City residents go with Intermountain Coatings for their garage floor coatings because they are thrilled with the results. You can choose among many decorative finishes that not only protect your garage floor, but also look beautiful at the same time.

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Best Residential Coatings in Salt Lake City, Utah

Residential coatings for concrete, wood and other materials save you money that you would have spent either attempting to maintain your structure over time or replacing it more often. Contact Intermountain Coatings today to learn more about how to protect your residential structures with polyurethane and polyurea coatings.

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