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January 18, 2022

When it comes to the need for sealing and coating certain surfaces, including concrete, you have a few materials available to you. One of the most common and useful in this area, and across several specific applications, is the polyurethane coating. 

At Intermountain Coatings, we're proud to offer polyurethane coatings for a huge variety of commercial, industrial and residential coating settings, from garage and warehouse floors to decks, patios, steps and more. Polyurethane is our primary material, offering numerous direct benefits to our clients. What are these benefits, and why is polyurethane used so often for such needs? This two-part blog series will go over several. 


First and foremost, polyurethane coatings are extremely durable for a number of reasons. One reason is the nature of the material itself, which you can think of as a kind of hybrid between plastic and rubber in terms of its basic properties. Polyurethanes will not chip or crack like paint, but at the same time they won't fade in the sunlight like rubber or plastic surfaces. 

This makes them ideal for a wide range of uses and purposes, not only in the coating of floors but also decks, patios and more. These coatings will last for years or even decades in most cases, often requiring only minor touch-ups to keep them looking great.

Chemical Sealing

Another key benefit of polyurethane coatings, and often a primary reason why they're utilized, is that they act as a chemical sealant. They form an effective protective barrier against moisture infiltration, which helps to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, while also discouraging damage from salt corrosion, oil stains and more. 

This type of barrier ensures you get many years' worth of use out of concrete surfaces like driveways or garages before needing to repaint or re-coat them. Harmful chemicals, in particular, can create significant damage to concrete surfaces if they are allowed to seep in, such as through cracks or unsealed surfaces. With a quality polyurethane coating, you'll almost always find that the color is rich and uniform, with any damage easily hidden from sight by the darkness of the surface underneath.

Scratch Limitation

Even when compared to other common coating or sealing materials, polyurethane offers a superior degree of scratch resistance. This is a huge part of the reason you so commonly see such coatings on garage floors, driveways and in various warehouse settings: They can even resist damage from heavy equipment used for moving materials in industrial settings. 

For many surfaces, including concrete floors, this is a critical benefit of polyurethane coatings. You can go years without having to seal or repaint, simply because the coatings on your floors are so durable. Even if you subject them to wear and tear on a daily basis, they won't show it!

For more on why polyurethane is such a beneficial material for various coating and sealing needs, or to learn about any of our residential, commercial or industrial coating services, speak to the staff at Intermountain Coatings today. 

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