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February 8, 2022

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the main benefits of utilizing polyurethane coatings for various sealing needs. From its durable nature to its ability to seal against many forms of chemicals and several other factors, there are a number of benefits of going with this modern material for your sealing needs. 

At Intermountain Coatings, polyurethane is one of the top materials we use for our residential, commercial and industrial sealing and coating projects. What are some of the other reasons this is such a popular material for these needs? Here are a few.

Scratch Resistance

Especially when compared to certain other materials that might be used for sealing purposes, polyurethane has one of the highest levels of scratch resistance available. Thanks to this durability factor, it can withstand even the most high-volume usage "with flying colors." This makes it the perfect choice for projects that are going to be used often.

No Cracking or Flaking

Because polyurethane is a highly flexible material, one that is able to expand and contract with relative ease, it's less likely than some other sealants to crack or flake over time. This is one of the main reasons many people do opt for this material when they choose a sealing solution.


Another major benefit of polyurethane for various sealing needs is its status as a waterproof material. It's often found in multi-level garages, ice houses and other highly waterproofed structures, because of the fact that it's able to keep contents inside protected from the outside elements.

Again, this feature of polyurethane is superior to most other materials one might choose for this purpose.

Bonds to Any Surface

There's virtually no surface type you can't use polyurethane on. It bonds well to both metal and wood, making it ideal for projects involving ships, homes or other structures where you need a sealant material that can bond with either of these surfaces.

Common Uses

Due to all the benefits we've gone over here, there are numerous industries or uses for polyurethane coatings:

  • Buildings and construction: For everything from sealing surfaces to protecting things from moisture and water damage, polyurethane has a number of uses in the construction industry.
  • Boats: In this case, it's not only used to protect surfaces from water damage but also for its ability to add elasticity and strength to various parts of a boat structure.
  • Textiles: For industrial purposes, polyurethane can be used in the production of carpets.
  • Transportation: Whether it's cars or motorcycles, polyurethane has a number of industrial applications that are meant to protect surfaces from weathering damage and the elements.
  • Electronics: There are a number of coating applications for electronics, especially when it comes to the protection of these items.

For more on all the benefits and common uses of polyurethane as a coating material or for other purposes, or to learn about any of our polyurethane floor coatings or other services, speak to the staff at Intermountain Coatings today.

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