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July 12, 2022

Certain processes that might be carried out on various buildings or structures carry major value, and a great example here is waterproofing. Owners and operators of commercial buildings will naturally be on the lookout for simple, cost-effective ways to avoid any kind of moisture-related issues in their foundations or any other parts of their structures, and quality waterproofing is often one of the top options for achieving this. 

At Intermountain Coatings, we're happy to help with a wide range of commercial coating and waterproofing services, covering areas ranging from commercial kitchen coatings and floor coatings through bridge coatings, multi-family housing and more. What are some of the key reasons many commercial building owners and operators choose to waterproof certain areas in their facilities, and what risks are you taking by not doing so? Here's a basic primer in this two-part blog series, which will start with some of the key benefits of waterproofing.

Improved Safety

Safety is a major priority for any business owner, and waterproofing can play a role in keeping people safer both inside and outside of your facility. For example, if you have a deck on your property that is not properly waterproofed, it could become slippery and pose a serious slipping hazard during wet weather conditions. If you have an indoor pool area, waterproofing is also crucial to preventing any kind of water damage or leaks that could occur.

In short, taking steps to waterproof your property can help you avoid a variety of potential safety risks and liabilities. These kinds of liabilities can often be quite significant, so it's well worth taking the time to waterproof any areas of your facility that could potentially pose a safety hazard.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Waterproofing can also help you improve the energy efficiency of your commercial property. If you have any leaks or moisture issues in your facility, this can lead to higher humidity levels and potential mold growth. These issues can make it more difficult to keep your facility comfortable, and they can also lead to higher energy bills as your HVAC system works harder to maintain the desired temperature.

Waterproofing your facility can help you avoid these issues and improve the overall energy efficiency of your property. In turn, this can help you save money on your energy bill.

Improved Aesthetics

Another major benefit of waterproofing is that it can help improve the overall aesthetics of your property. When you have leaks or other moisture issues, this can often lead to staining on your walls or ceiling. Water damage can also cause cracks in your walls or floor, which can make your facility look run-down and unprofessional.

Waterproofing can help you avoid these issues and keep your facility looking its best. This can be important for making a good impression on customers, clients, and other visitors to your property.

In part two of our series, we'll go over the risks you're taking if you choose not to waterproof your commercial facility. For more on this, or to learn about any of our coating, waterproofing or related services, speak to the team at Intermountain Coatings today.

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